Black Panther 2 Trailer- 5 Sneaky Things You Might Have Missed About New Black Panther

MCU released the new trailer of Wakanda Forever yesterday and Fan are speculating who will don the new black panther suit.

The first Back Panther film was released in 2018 with Chadwick Boseman playing the titular character. When he died of colon cancer in 2020, fans were left wondering who would replace Boseman as T’Challa in the movies. 

However, MCU made a conscious decision to not recast T’Challa and continue the franchise without him, placing more emphasis on his sister, Shuri’s character.

Black Panther 2 Trailer is filled with a lot of interesting, new characters and plotlines that we’re only too happy to decode for you.

1. Inscriptions On The Wall- Fans were quick to notice inscriptions on a wall in one of these shots. From left to right, inscriptions on the pillars translate to this: IN POWER; T’CHALLA; OUR HERO; AN HONOUR; FOREVER

2. Significance Of Funerals-Real life bleeds into reel life as his death is mourned by family and friends, in keeping with traditions of Wakanda. Going by the trailer, these customs are more about celebrating the life of a person than their death.

3. Namor’s Skin- Wakanda Forever introduces a new character from the comics to MCU fans — Namor. He is a mutant, born to a human father and Atlantean princess as a mother in the comics. It’s why if you take a close look at his Talocanian army, all of them have a slightly blue skin while Namor’s skin is similar to that of a human.

4. Ironheart’s Introduction- In the trailer for Wakanda Forever, Ironheart, aka, Riri Williams is shown to collaborate with Shuri, another genius scientist and work on a suit with discarded parts of a car. A quick shot also shows her carving out a heart shape in the suit. 

5. Who Is The New Black Panther?-During one of the funeral scenes, Shuri has dotted marks on her face which are similar to the dots on the new suit. Some people are also voting for Nakia as the next Black panther, but most guesses point towards Shuri.