Anti-Valentine's Week 2023 Full List: Slap Day, Kick Day to Breakup Day,

After Valentine's Day (February 14), people celebrate Anti-Valentine's Week from February 15.

The days are called Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirt Day, Confession Day, Missing Day, and Breakup Day

It begins with Slap Day on February 15 and ends with Breakup Day on February 21

Slap Day - February 15

Slap Day is the first day of Anti-Valentine's Week, and it falls a day after Valentine's Day

Kick Day - February 16

Kick Day falls on February 16, and it is the second day of Anti-Valentine's Week. On this day, get ready to kick away all the negativity left in your life by your ex.

Perfume Day - February 17

On this day, one should treat themselves by going all out and buying that gorgeous perfume that one had been eyeing for a long time.

Flirt Day - February 18

If you want to ask someone out, try your luck by talking to that longtime crush, or have a good time with your beau to spice things up, this is your chance.

Confession Day - February 19

It is a perfect opportunity to open up to your crush and tell them how you feel

Missing Day - February 20

It is always a good day to tell someone you love that you miss them. So, why not do it on the day named after this feeling?

Breakup Day - February 21

If you are tired of being in a toxic relationship or with someone you have lost the spark, Breakup Day is the right opportunity to rip the band-aid off and choose freedom