10 Benefits of 5G in India

India is going to enter the 5G era of the internet from 1st Oct 2022, bringing an end to most of the internet issues faced by the citizens.

The tasks that used to take hours in 4G will now be completed in minutes and seconds because the average speed of data in 5G will be at least 10 times faster than in 4G.

1. Download movie in just 1 second:  While 4G has top data speed of 100 Mbps, peak speed of 5G goes up to 200 Mbps. This means that you can download a 3GB movie in just 1 second.

2. Low latency:  For 5G, latency is as low as 1ms. The lower it is, the faster the response.

3. Seamless coverage:  It will provide seamless coverage even in remote areas of the country. It will improve energy efficiency, spectrum efficiency and network efficiency.

4. End-to-end impact in several sectors: The technology will leave end-to-end impact in sectors such as health, agriculture, education, disaster management etc.

5. Enhanced fan experience:  With low latency, it will provide an immersive experience to sports enthusiasts for events such as music festivals and football matches.

6. Drive new business model:  With its advanced capabilities, the 5G network will also drive the new business model. 

7. Maximise cost-effectiveness in EV sector:  Using this feature, a network of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations can be set up to help maximise the cost-effectiveness of the EV ecosystem.

8. 4K videos on phone:  You can watch 4K videos on your smartphone. The technology will also enable the use of AR/VR, mobile gaming apps, and many other immersive activities and new Applications.

9. Improved productivity in manufacturing:  In this sector, it is expected that the cost will come down, productivity will improve, and down time will be less.

10. Better security and surveillance:  Its applications will enable remote control over disaster-affected areas, live 4K feeds from HD cameras installed in public places.