Pharm. Chemistry Notes

15 Important Rules for IUPAC Nomenclature

IUPAC Nomenclature Organic compounds are named in accordance with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). A variety of prefixes, suffixes, and infixes are used in chemistry to describe the type and position of functional groups in a compound. 15 Important Rules for IUPAC Nomenclature are as follows: The parent hydrocarbon chain is …

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Extra & Intra Cellular Electrolytes Notes

Extra & Intra Cellular Electrolytes The Extra & Intra Cellular Electrolytes found in the human body are: Interstitial fluid and blood plasma are similar in their electrolyte make up. Na+ and Cl- being the major electrolytes. In the intracellular fluid, K+ and HPO4- are the major electrolytes. Major Cations and Anions in Electrolytes Electrolytes Replacement Therapy ORS Powder Composition Physiological Acid-Base Balance Respiratory Acidosis Respiratory …

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All Limit Tests Notes

Limit test for chlorides, sulphates, lead, iron, heavy metals and arsenic are official tests designed and mentioned in the individual monograph of pharmaceutical substance in Indian Pharmacopoeia. The limit of impurity is provided in terms of parts per million(ppm).

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