Hospital Formulary MCQ Quiz

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A drug formulary is a continually updated list of medications and related information, representing the clinical judgment of pharmacists, physicians, and other experts in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and promotion of health. It is often described as an inventory of medicines routinely stocked by the health care system.

The formulary was developed by hospitals in the 1950s as a management tool. It was initially wont to assure that physicians had an adequate and consistent supply of medicines for his or her day-to-day needs.

A key purpose of the formulary was to discourage the utilization of marginally effective drugs and treatments.


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Modern Dispensing Aspects MCQ’s

Modern Dispensing Aspects MCQ’s

Modern Dispensing Aspects MCQ’s: The goals of therapy will not be achieved unless the patient ‘-‘understands and follows the instructions for use of the drugs prescribed. The pharmacist is the logical health profession to assume the major responsibility in minimizing noncompliance. Of priority, importance is the need to strengthen communications with patients and physicians.

Modern Dispensing_Aspects_MCQ's

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15 Best Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy MCQ

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy MCQ

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy MCQ

Hospital Pharmacy is defined as the actual practice of pharmacy in a hospital. It is the department in the hospital under the supervision of professionally competent and legally qualified pharmacists and from where: 

(a) All medications are supplied to the nursing units.

(b) Special prescriptions are filled to in-patients and outpatients.

(c) Pharmaceuticals are manufactured in bulk. (d) Narcotics, biologicals, and prescribed drugs are dispensed.

(e) Injectables are prepared and sterilized


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