Size Reduction Notes PDF

Size Reduction Notes PDF

D. Pharmacy (ER 2020)

Pharmaceutical powders are classified as monodispersed (particles of the same size) as well as polydispersed (particles of different sizes). Particles of monodispersed type are ideal for pharmaceutical applications whereas polydispersed powders create considerable difficulties in their processing for the production of dosage forms. In order to obtain uniform size particles, powders are to be reduced in their size by size reduction. Size reduction involves techniques to create new surfaces and increase surface area by adding energy proportional to the bonds holding the feed particles together. Read Size Reduction Notes PDF…

Size Reduction Definition

Size reduction is defined as a process of reducing large solid unit masses (vegetable or chemical substances) into small unit masses, coarse particles, or fine particles.

Contents of the Size Reduction Notes Pdf

  • Introduction to Size Reduction
  • Definition of Size Reduction
  • Objectives of Size Reduction
  • Advantages of Size Reduction
  • Disadvantages of Size Reduction
  • Mechanisms of Size Reduction
  • Size Reduction by Hammer mill
  • Principle, Construction, Working and Applications of Hammer Mill
  • Size Reduction by Ball mill
  • Principle, Construction, Working and Applications of Ball Mill
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