21 Best Capsule MCQ

21 Best Capsule MCQ with Frequenty Asked Questions about Capsules Dosage Form

1. Chemically “gelatine” is,

A. Protein
B. Fat
C. Carbohydrate
D. None of the Above

2. Smallest size of the Capsule is denoted by which number?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 5

3. Which of the following steps are involved in manufacturing of “Hard Gelatin Capsule Shells”,

A. Dipping
B. Spinning
C. Trimming
D. All of the above

4. Which of the following plasticizer is preferred in capsule manufacturing,

A. Sorbitol
B. Povidone
C. Polyethylene glycol
D. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

5. Gelatin with high bloom strength is used in the manufacturing of,

A. Soft Gelatine Capsules
B. Hard Gelatine Capsules
C. A & B
D. None of the above

6. Capsules are,

A. Unit solid dosage forms
B. Solid dosage form
C. Liquid filling compatible dosage forms
D. All of the above

7. Empty gelatine capsule shell can be made from,

A. Gelatin
C. Carrageenan
D. All of the above

8. Capsules normally fall into two main categories. Which are they?

A. Hard gelatin capsules and soft gelatin capsules
B. Hard gelatin capsules and layered capsules
C. Soft gelatin capsules and compressed capsules
D. Compressed and layered capsules

9. Empty capsule has a moisture content in the range of

A. 60%
B. 12%-15%
C. 50%-70%
D. 30% 64.

10. Which treatment is used for solubility of gelatin

A. Heat
B. Formalin
C. Water
D. Alcohol

11. Which of the following is a hydrophobic binder.

A. Gelatin
B. Acacia
C. Ethylcellulose
D. Polyvinyl pyrrolidone

12. Dissolution Test apparatus no 1 as per IP is:

A. Paddle
B. Rotating basket
C. Basket
D. Rotating cylinder

13.  The shells of soft gelatin capsules are made elastic or plastic-like, by the addition of

A. Sorbitol
B. Povidone

14. The rate of drug bioavailability is most rapid when the drug is formulated as a

A. Controlled release product
B. Hard gelatin capsule
C. Tablet
D. Solution

15. __________are solid dosage forms in which drug and/or inert substances are enclosed small water-soluble shell of gelatin.

A. Capsules
B. Tablets
C. Emulsions
D. Powder

16. ______is ingredients of opaque hard gelatin capsule.

A. Glycerin
B. Titanium dioxide
C. Polyhydric alcohol
D. Sorbitol

17.  Quality Control Tests for Capsules are

A. Permeability and sealing
C. Weight variation
B. Potency and impurity content.
D. All of above

18. __________should be stored at temperature not exceeding 30°C.

A. Tablet
B. Capsule
C. Sustain Release Tablet
D. Sublingual tablet

19. Capsule No 5 has approximately capacity.

A. 300
B. 200
C. 100
D. 400

20. Capsule No 1 has approximately capacity.

A. 300
B. 200
C. 100
D. 400

21. Type-B gelatin is used for the capsule is derived from_

A. Bones
B. Pork skin
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

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Frequently Asked Questions

Define Capsule.

Ans- It is a unit solid dosage form meant for oral use in which medicament and inert substances are enclosed in a shell or envelope made of gelatin or other suitable material.

What are Hard gelatine capsules?

Ans- Hard gelatine capsules are used for enclosing solid medicament or dry powders of the drug substance. It is also known as a dry-filled capsule. They consist of a cap and body. The cap is short while the body is long.

What is the capacity of Capsule no ‘0″?

Ans-450 mg

What is the Isoelectric point of Type A gelatine?

Ans- Between 7 and 9.

What is the Disintegration time of a soft capsule?

Ans- 60 minute

Type A gelatin is obtained from_______of pork skin

Ans- Acid Treatment

The capsule pass the test of the individual capsule weight is within_____of the average weight.

Ans-  90-110%

To prevent dusting during automatic capsule filling called____

Ans- Antidusting Agents

Who is discovered the capsule dosage form?

Ans- The two French scientists, Mothes and Dublane was first introduced to this type of dosage form for drug administration.

What is the objective to make capsule dosage form?

Ans- This dosage form the main object of the Bad taste or bitter medicament administrated orally easily and also helps to protect medicament from atmospheric factors like air, moisture, and light which is responsible for degradation of medicament.

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