15 Best Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy MCQ


Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy MCQ

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy MCQ

Hospital Pharmacy is defined as the actual practice of pharmacy in a hospital. It is the department in the hospital under the supervision of professionally competent and legally qualified pharmacists and from where: 

(a) All medications are supplied to the nursing units.

(b) Special prescriptions are filled to in-patients and outpatients.

(c) Pharmaceuticals are manufactured in bulk. (d) Narcotics, biologicals, and prescribed drugs are dispensed.

(e) Injectables are prepared and sterilized


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10 Important Drug Stability MCQ


Drug Stability MCQ

Drug stability means the ability of the pharmaceutical dosage form to maintain the physical, chemical, therapeutic, and microbial properties during the time of storage and usage by the patient. It is measured by the rate of changes that take place in the pharmaceutical dosage forms.

Drug Stability MCQ are given below and get results on your email with the answer key.


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B Pharmacy Notes

Final Year B.Pharmacy Notes

B Pharmacy Notes

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