Fermentation Technology Notes PPT PDF

Fermentation Technology Notes PPT PDF

Fermentation Technology:

i. Anaerobic process that generates energy by the breakdown of organic compounds.
ii. Any process that generates bacterial metabolites as end products: lactic acid, enzymes, ethanol, butanol, and acetone.

Contents of Fermentation Technology Notes PPT PDF are

  • Definition of Fermentation Technology
  • Steps involved in Fermentation
  • Principle of Fermentation
  • How does Fermentation Work?
  • What happens during the fermentation process?
  • General factors of industrial fermentation
  • Types of Bioreactor: Continuous Stirred Tank Bioreactor, Bubble Column Bioreactors, Airlift Bioreactors, Fluidized Bed Bioreactors, Packed Bed Bioreactors and Photo-Bioreactors
  • Operation of Conventional Bioreactor: Sterilization, Inoculation and sampling, Aeration, Control systems and Cleaning
  • Penicillin Production
  • Citric Acid Production
  • Solid-State Fermentation
  • Vitamin B12 Production
  • Glutamic Acid Production
  • Griseofulvin Production

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