New D.Pharmacy Syllabus 2022

New D.Pharmacy Syllabus 2022

From the academic year 2021-22, the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has implemented a new D.Pharmacy Syllabus as per education regulations 2020 (ER 2020) for Diploma in Pharmacy throughout the country. ER 2020 has replaced the previous ER 1991. Many subjects have undergone significant changes in the new syllabus concerning modern manpower needs and skill developments.

New D.Pharmacy Syllabus

New D.Pharmacy Syllabus 2022

D.Pharmacy Subjects as per New Syllabus

First Year D.Pharmacy Subjects Second Year D.Pharmacy Subjects
1. Pharmaceutics (Theory & Practical)1. Pharmacology (Theory & Practical)
2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Theory & Practical) 2. Community Pharmacy & Management (Theory & Practical)
3. Pharmacognosy (Theory & Practical) 3. Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology (Theory & Practical)
4. Human Anatomy & Physiology (Theory & Practical) 4. Pharmacotherapeutics (Theory & Practical)
5. Social Pharmacy (Theory & Practical) 5. Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy (Theory & Practical)
6. Pharmacy Laws & Ethics (Theory)

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New D.Pharmacy Syllabus for First Year as per ER 2020


Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Human Anatomy & Physiology

Social Pharmacy

New D.Pharmacy Syllabus for Second Year as per ER 2020


Community Pharmacy & Management

Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology


Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy

Pharmacy Laws & Ethics

List of Instruments and Equipment ER 2020

Format format for assessment of an assignment

Format for the assessment of field visit

Full Syllabus of D.Pharmacy ER 2020

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