15 Drying MCQ- Pharmaceutics MCQ

15 Drying MCQ- Pharmaceutics MCQ

1.Which one of these drying techniques is used for drying antibiotics and plant extract?
a. Vacuum Dryer
b. Freeze dryer
c. Spray dryer
d. None of these

2. In which dryer, hot air jets are used for drying purposes?
a. Vacuum Dryer
b. Spray Dryer
c.Roller Dryer
d. Fluidized Bed dryer

3. Which materials are not used in drying in a freeze dryer?
A. Seafood
B. Fruits
C. Pharmaceuticals
D. Dyes

4. Condition that is highly critical in the drying process.
A. Moisture
B. Pressure
C. Temperature
D. Volume

5. For effective drying conditions which processing factor is essential.
A. Height
B. Humidity
C. Weight
D. Pressure

6. Advantage of a fluidized bed dryer is…
A. No attrition
B. Entire material is continuously exposed to a heat source
C. Fluppy mass is formed
D. Humidity can be increased

7. Which of the following Dryer is known as lyophilizers?
A. Fluidized bed dryer
B. Spray dryer
C. Freeze dryer
D. Vacuum dryer

8. The final removal of liquid from solids by vaporization with the aid of heat is known as:
A. Evaporation
B. Drying
C. Sublimation
D. Desiccation

9. Proper drying can prevent ……..of the product.
A. Loss
B. Weight
C. Deterioration
D. Solubility

10. Proper drying improves the…..of the product.
A. Solubility
B. Weight
C. Deterioration.
D. Volume

11. Drying involves ………….transfer operation.
A. Mass
B. Heat
C. Mass & heat
D. Either mass or heat

12. _________is the process in which the liquid can be removed from the solid material thermal means.
A. Drying
B. Filtration
C. Mixing
D. Size separation

13. FBD is also called as
A. Size bed dryer
B. Moving bed dryer
C. both A & B
D. None

14. The advantage of FBD is
A. Smaller drying period
B. Constant drying
C. Effectively at a little temperature
D. All

15. The drying conduction mechanism of heat transfer is involved in
A. Filtration
C. Freeze dryer
D. None

15 Drying MCQ- Pharmaceutics MCQ

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